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Pencil Drawing Made Easy

Pencil drawing made easy in-depth review develop an artistic approach that is easy to follow with 42 hours of videos, pencil drawing made easy is a compilation of videos that provide you with a step-by-step guide to draw better than your wildest though.

You will start off with the most straightforward features to draw as you progress with the more complex aspects. The following classes are entailed in the course:


  • Lesson 1- Introduction
  • Lesson 2- Shading techniques

  • Lesson 3- Creating Texture

  • Lesson 4- Creating depth

  • Lesson 5- Negative Drawing

  • Lesson 6- Reflective Objects

  • Lesson 7- Realistic Eyes

  • Lesson 8- Realistic Noses

  • Lesson 9- Realistic Mouths

  • Lesson 10- Realistic Ears

  • Lesson 11- Cheeks, Chins, Foreheads and Necks

  • Lesson 12- Realistic Hair

  • Lesson 13- Beards and Moustache


Don't worry if never drawn before, these videos accommodate everyone weather your the next artist an expert or a person with a crayon if you are interested in this skill, pencil drawing made easy will make you a better version of your actual self during the journey, but pencil drawing is undeniably an essential tool for any passionate artist.

Pencil drawing made easy offers every two hours of comprehensive lessons which leave no imagination at all the videos contain all the information necessary on the subject. Everything has been explained clearly and easily in English.

In this way despite the level of education anyone can access the classes because english is raw you can access the video classes and watch them everywhere whether you're on the street, at home in the office or anywhere. This is not all! Once you have access to these classes you have access to the classes in the lifetime which means you can watch the video as often as you want.

Made easy to use videos on a number of sites including computers macs tablets or phones are accessible provided you have access to internet on these devices. It is supposed to be difficult to learn how to draw you will find it difficult or perhaps easy, depending on the basics you have.

However most people do not have the essential drawing guide to make the journey difficult complicated and incomplete sometimes you don't see the need for skills because perhaps your career doesn't need them however skills in pencil drawing can be useful to design things like logos with a personal feel you may not find that person if you need it the most to design it for you as a result it is critical to have at least the fundamentals because they will greatly assist you pencil drawing made easy teaches you master techniques and reveals the great secrets of the masters of the art navigating from one course to the next provides insight and opens up a world of drawing possibilities you will be able to learn little by little without being overwhelmed at any point thanks to the excellent instructions provided in the videos for each course unlike most tutors who simply let you do your own thing.

These videos pique your interest, passion and eagerness to learn how to improve your skills, Pencil drawing made easy classes will not only inspire you but will also help you understand where you've been going wrong all along becoming a great artist, necessitates first admitting that perfection is a pipe dream you must go through the process one step at a time, correcting your errors as you progress with more practice on a daily basis you will progress from a novice to a skilled artist. 

The main idea behind pencil drawing made easy is that you can draw absolutely anything you want by simply understanding what you're putting on paper the videos start from the beginning and teach you everything you need to know to draw hyper realistic portraits successfully.


What do pencils grades mean?

Most people have heard of a HB pencil, but few know what the ‘HB’ actually refers to – and most other pencils are graded with both a letter and a number. These grades refer to the hardness and texture of the lead.

  • H stands for hard: a H grade pencil has more clay in its lead, and it will make a lighter, finer line. The higher the corresponding number, the lighter the lead. So, a 9H pencil is the hardest and lightest pencil, and more like a chisel. H leads do not smudge easily.

  • B stands for blackness: a B grade pencil has more graphite, and will make a bolder, darker line. The higher the corresponding number, the softer and darker the lead. So, a 9B pencil is the softest and blackest available. B leads smudge easily but are readily erased.

  • F stands for fine point: a F pencil is capable of producing darker and lighter marks but without any extremes. F leads can stay sharp for a longer period of time – hence why they’re called ‘fine’.

What pencil grade must I use?

Once you understand what the grades refer to, it’s less complicated to choose the high-satisfactory pencils for sketching or anything kind of drawing you propose to create.

H leads: as H leads are very smudge resistant and provide purifier strains, they may be proper for outlines, technical drawings and mild sketches. One drawback is that difficult leads have a tendency to be scratchy, specifically as you circulate up the scale.
B leads: as B leads smudge without difficulty and are effortlessly erased, they’re proper for pencil drawings as artists can take gain of the brush-like expressions. You’ll want them to create texture and tonal variety.
F leads: those leads are best for drawing excellent info and writing.

What is a HB pencil?
HB pencils fall into the center of the scale. It is the usual writing pencil and additionally proper for linear drawing.

What must I search for in a pencil?
Consistency and smoothness are important. Some reasonably-priced pencils have a grainy great to them, which, at the same time as you’re drawing, can bring about all at once hitting a difficult bit that doesn’t provide the identical line because the relaxation of the lead.

What is a grasp pencil?
A grasp pencil – additionally referred to as a propelling pencil or a mechanical pencil – is a pencil with a automatically expendable lead that may be replaced.

The leads are available in nearly the identical variety as everyday pencils, and that they do now no longer want sharpening. This way the frame of the pencil remains the identical length over the years because the lead is used up. Many mechanical pencils offer strains of regular thickness so are regularly used for technical drawing, however many excellent artists use them to attract too. The drawback is that the leads generally tend to interrupt without difficulty.

What paper must I use for sketching?

For detailed work, smooth paper or even Bristol Board is the best option. But if you’re creating expressive, tonal work, paper with a ‘tooth’ such as Cartridge paper is recommended