Low-carb coconut porridge

An old-fashioned tasty low-carb breakfast recipe! Breakfast is also referred to as the most important meal of the day. This is not without reason, because a good breakfast ensures that you can start the day with sufficient energy.

I'm always busy coming up with new nutritious breakfast recipes. An acquaintance of mine pointed me to a recipe on the internet where someone had made old-fashioned porridge from almond flour. I tried it right away. The recipe tasted good, but I was less satisfied with the structure.

I have therefore slightly modified the recipe and replaced the almond flour with coconut flour. Coconut flour absorbs more moisture than almond flour and provides a delicious creamy structure. I also used coconut milk, butter and an egg. Now you're probably thinking an egg in porridge? Yes, it may sound strange, but it has an important function. The egg provides a thick structure and you can hardly taste the taste.

Preparation tips:

The low-carb coconut porridge is super easy to make. You only need a saucepan and a small amount of ingredients. The porridge is also ready within 5 minutes! So you can also make the low-carb coconut porridge on a weekday. You can garnish the coconut porridge with fresh fruit and nuts. Add crushed linseed if you prefer a porridge with a coarser texture.

I hope you like it! Let us know how it went in the comment section at the bottom of the page.



2 tbsp coconut flour

Optional: 2 tbsp linseed

180 ml water or milk

Pinch of salt

1 large egg, beaten

2 tsp butter

1 tbsp coconut milk

1/2 tbsp Steviala Crystal

Preparation method

Take a small saucepan and add the coconut flour, linseed, salt and water. Heat the contents of the pan over a low heat, stirring, until it starts to thicken. Remove the pan from the heat and add half of the beaten egg. Stir well and then add the other half.

Then put the pan back on the heat and heat while stirring until it starts to take on the structure of porridge. Remove the pan from the heat again and add the butter, coconut milk and Steviala Kristal while stirring. Pour the contents into a bowl and serve with fresh fruit!

Nutritional values

Serving Size: 1 bowl

Calories: 274

Fat: 19.5

Carbs: 5.5

Protein: 11.6

Preparation time: 5

Cooking time: 5

Total time: 10

Servings: 1 small bowl

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