Low Carb Cinnamon Crunchies

It's time for another tasty low-carb breakfast recipe! This time we've created a low-carb alternative to breakfast cereals; cinnamon crunches! You only need 7 ingredients to make this low-carb breakfast cereal.

As the name suggests, these cinnamon crunchies are nice and crunchy. Furthermore, the crunchies have a delicious sweet and spicy nutty taste due to the added nuts and cinnamon. Difference with regular breakfast cereals Regular breakfast cereals often contain a lot of sugars and you just don't want to eat this if you follow a low-carbohydrate lifestyle.

Our cinnamon crunchies are made from nuts and sweetened with erythritol. The crunchies therefore contain no sugar. They are also gluten free and suitable for diabetics! The combination of almond flour, linseed and pecan nuts provide healthy additions to your breakfast.

Tips Don't like pecans? You can substitute these for any kind of note you like. The amount remains the same. The cinnamon crunchies provide a nice crispy bite in your yogurt. Finish your breakfast with some fruit of your choice. Check out our other breakfast recipes for more inspiration.


100 gr almond flour

30 gr linseed (blonde or brown)

50 gr pecan nuts

30 gr melted butter

1 egg white (from M egg)

30 gr erythritol or to taste

2 tbsp cinnamon

Preparation method

Preheat the oven to 175 degrees. Add the almond flour, flaxseeds, pecans, cinnamon, and erythritol to your food processor. Then grind it all fine. Then add the egg white and the melted butter. Then mix the whole in the food processor to a dough.

Place the dough on a piece of baking paper and then place a piece of cling film or baking paper on top. Flatten the dough with your hands and then roll it out with a rolling pin to a thickness of 0.5 cm. Remove the top layer of foil or parchment paper and place the bottom sheet with the dough on a baking tray.

Bake the cinnamon crunchies in the preheated oven for 18 minutes. Then remove the baking sheet from the oven and cut the baked dough into small cubes. Then let it cool completely. When the cinnamon crunchies have cooled completely, they are nice and crispy. Store the cinnamon cereal in a sealed container in a non-humid place. You can certainly keep them for a week to 2 weeks.

Nutritional values

Serving Size: 30g Crunchies

Calories: 167

Fat: 15.4

Carbs: 1.1

Fiber: 2.6

Protein: 4.6

Preparation time: 25

Cooking time: 20

Total time: 45

Servings: 250 gr crunchies

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