Keto On Steriods 5 Extreme Hacks to Lose Weight Fast

Today we're gonna talk about keto on steroidsn extreme weight loss this is not for everyone, it's for those people that need to lose some quick weight.

Some people that want an unfair advantage and one that just dive in and do whatever it takes to lose weight healthily and fast. Typically, when you do keto you have 5% carbohydrates 20% protein and these are calories total calories and 75% fat, so that's typically what you would do. What I'm going to recommend is slightly different we're gonna give you five packs or strategies.

Starting with number 1 normally you would do 20 to 50 grams of carbs to do the 5 percent right! we're gonna bring the carbs down to zero, so yes this is extreme it's not for everyone but think about it the amount of carbohydrates determine how deep into ketosis you're going to go, so we want to go in their hardcore, if we go zero carbs you will go into keto very, very fast now the thing with protein we don't want to go too little we don't want to go too much if we go too little you may start losing muscle mass, we don't want that and might feel weak because you need protein to replace body tissue, we go too much it's gonna bog down your liver and kidney and also it can potentially spike insulin, we don't want to do that.

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