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Keto On Steriods 5 Extreme Hacks to Lose Weight Fast

Today we're gonna talk about keto on steroidsn extreme weight loss this is not for everyone, it's for those people that need to lose some quick weight.

Some people that want an unfair advantage and one that just dive in and do whatever it takes to lose weight healthily and fast. Typically when you do keto you have 5% carbohydrates 20% protein and these are calories total calories and 75% fat, so that's typically what you would do. What I'm gonna recommend is slightly different we're gonna give you five packs or strategies.

Starting with number 1 normally you would do 20 to 50 grams of carbs to do the 5 percent right! we're gonna bring the carbs down to zero, so yes this is extreme it's not for everyone but think about it the amount of carbohydrates determine how deep into ketosis you're going to go, so we want to go in there hardcore, if we go zero carbs you will go into keto very, very fast now the thing with protein we don't want to go too little we don't want to go too much if we go too little you may start losing muscle mass, we don't want that and might feel weak because you need protein to replace body tissue, we go too much it's gonna bog down your liver and kidney and also it can potentially spike insulin, we don't want to do that.

The sweet spot is between three and six ounces now this really depends on several factors how young you are how big you are, how slow the metabolism is there's a lot of different factors for me I'm 180 pounds, I need about 55 grams of protein per day and that's pretty much what I consume on a daily basis, I'm not gonna get into calories at this point but I just want to kind of give you a reference if you're smaller than me you know have a little less if you're bigger than me have a little bit more, so now the strategy with protein is we don't want to go lean we don't want to go low-fat protein we want to get our fat in protein as one so you want to start consuming food that combines your fat and protein and naturally.

Well we definitely do not want to go lean because the leaner the protein the higher the insolence like there's a lot of information related to something called an insulin index , if you want more information on the insulin index. That goes beyond just the glycemic index. Very interesting some protein types that we don't want is chicken Dairy Dairy tends to be a problem with a lot of people allergies and trying to find the quality is an issue, so I'm just gonna recommend avoiding dairy. At this point turkey  that's very lean as well we don't want it in Turkey, we don't want to do turkey bacon lean steak you can get a fatty steak but don't do a lean steak, we don't want to go lean fish we want to do a fatty fish peanuts are a low quality protein I don't recommend it what we want to focus on our fatty fish like salmon, sardines both of these are very high in omega-3 fatty acids and high in DHA, very important there's other types of fish and seafood that you can consume, but these two are my go-to pork.

Now a lot of people don't like pork that's totally fine personally I have a high quality pork from the farmers market pork sausage, I love it it's very fatty it's a very good thing to do in Quito plus it has a lot of B vitamins, if you are against pork because it's unhealthy and you're eating chicken then you need to reevaluate that because chicken by the way is a very unhealthy birds, unless you do organic from the farmers market you're going to get something very low-quality, so I really like pork because it it seems to digest well in my body and it actually has a good amount of fat.

A fatty hamburger is very good on a keto because we want the fat and the protein when you're at the grocery store don't get the leanest hamburger, it's like it's actually quite disgusting it's hard to eat it, there's no flavor as well. eggs are very good pasture-raised organic, now you can also do bacon as well, bacon believe it or not if you fry it and take the grease out it's not as fat as you might think but it's fine because it kind of has a one-to-one ratio 50% fat and 50% protein most of these are a one-to-one ratio maybe a little bit fat here, so that's what you want to do with the team. Now as far as the fat goes you don't again want to add extra fat like you don't want to add MCT oil,  keto bomb or Extra Butter to this program.

Why? because we're doing extreme weight loss and I'll explain why in a second the types of fats that you can add in addition to these would be avocados because that will cover a lot of nutrition, and are very healthy fat olives are good as well, pecans are really good has some protein and fat almonds not as good as pecans but still really good, ok it's like a 1.5 ratio of fat to protein I think pecans are like 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1 if I'm not mistaken, so the key is to make sure that the fat naturally comes with the protein together, so it's not separate  now there's a sweet spot for the amount of fat that you consume per day.

It just happens to be for an average person ok, it could be a little bit more or less 75 grams  when you consume and what your body tends to burn more of the dietary fat when you consume less than 75 grams typically on average I'm being very general, your body will start to consume its own fat what we want to do is get your body to burn its own fat.

We don't want to do unlimited fat where your body is just turning the diet fat into ketones and you definitely don't want to do the exogenous ketones where you're taking this supplement, because we don't want to have you run on that. We want you to run on your own fat this would be a new concept for some people, so that's what would that look like okay well 67 grams of fat here's an example 4 strips of bacon that's 13 grams, 2 eggs 10 grams of fat, 4 ounces of steak, 24 grams a fat one ounce of pecans 20 grams of fat so 67 grams of fat would be a perfect amount of fat to help you get in the factory. Now we don't want to start going extreme low-fat ,we don't want to go low-fat so we don't want to go below like 50 grams of fat, 50 to 75 I think is a really good number because we these fats for a lot of different reasons it's gonna help you get into ketosis, it's going to support the brain.

It's going to give you that type of vitamins omega-3 essential fatty acids and a lot of other things that's what we do with the fat that's what we do with the protein leafy greens okay why because two things number one we need our potassium magnesium nutrients vitamins that type of thing which is very important and we need about seven cups of vegetables minimally okay don't have less than seven cups the other thing that we need in addition to vitamins and minerals is the fiber from the vegetables and again, I'm no counting this as carbs because it's so much fiber, we're not doing a high glycemic carbohydrate.

We're doing a extremely nutrient dense fiber which is not very sweet, so leafy greens are not very sweet the fiber is going to specifically feed the microbes in our digestive system, which then will turn into a very healthy fat called butyric acid it's a fatty acid and that acid will basically help insulin resistance. Even lower insulin it's really good for blood sugars, so this is going to actually help us lose weight.

The potassium in the leafy greens will also help you lose weight because it lower incident resistance, the goal is to keep insulin as low as possible, so this is what we're taking to consideration as we're going through this zero carbs. The fiber exact amount of protein more fat which is neutral with insulin, fat is the one of the only things that does not trigger insulin. Now let's get to intermittent fasting, so if you've never done this before I recommend you go right to two meals a day. On this page you can read aboutIntermittent Fasting and Ketogenic Diet - Beginners so you can just quickly get updated on how to do that, but you want to go into 2 meals a day, if you're already at 2 meals a day you're gonna go to one meal a day.

So the key is do not eat unless you are hungry ok that's really I find a lot of people are eating when they're not hungry the way that you know that it's working is that your hunger goes away that means your body is eating your own fat so let your body tell you when to eat okay so we're gonna go for a period of time and Wow I'm not hungry good ride the way to ride the wave all of a sudden I'm hungry at six o'clock and the evening good that's your first meal it's totally okay to eat at different times during the day.

Now what's gonna happen if you're new to this and you're not gradually going into this and I suggest maybe you want to go into it gradually but if you don't and you just go to one meal a day and do what I'm saying it'll probably take three days to get you fully into adaptation and you might go through some fatigue and things like that but it's a fast way to jump in and get the results and if you're okay with that go for it there's some key things you want to know sea salt it's very important to consume sea salt on your meals per day you need about a teaspoon of sea salt every single day not a heaping teaspoon but a level teaspoon okay very important it wouldn't hurt to consume some electrolytes as well get one with high amounts of potassium.

The other thing that I find that will help you and this helps a lot of people is that when you have a hard time consuming salad because you're not easy used to consuming that much consume your salad wait for an hour and then consume the rest of the food okay we'll consider that as one meal just spread out for maybe two hours okay that's not going to be a problem because you're not going to really spike instant too much from eating that salad so you can come spread it out let your digestive system deal with the salad and then add the protein in fat that way you'll have less bloating, now on the salad you can put apple cider vinegar little C so if you want the saw mc vinnie Guerette get the kind that is not too sweet so you want to avoid those and get the ones that are a bit bitter and less sweet 

Okay guys there you have it, this is keto on steroids extreme weight loss go ahead and try it out.

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