Healthy Low-Carb Sandwich

A recipe for the typical Dutch healthy sandwich should not be missing on our site. Now that we have our own bread mix, making a low-carb alternative to the popular healthy sandwich was a breeze.

This delicious sandwich with egg, ham, cheese, cucumber and mayo is super tasty to enjoy for lunch, but also ideal for breaking your heart. Making a healthy sandwich The basis for a healthy sandwich is often a luxurious piece of bread with ham, cheese, boiled egg and raw vegetables, such as cucumber, tomato and lettuce.

The topping is therefore already low in carbohydrates. The only thing we need to adjust is the bun. This time we opted for a nice and easy alternative: our own Keto Bread Mix! We are very proud of it and think it is the tastiest low-carbohydrate bread mix.

Definitely worth a try! Tips  I hope you like it.

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Ingredients Bread

1 package Keto Bread Mix

320 g water Topping

1 tbsp mayonnaise

1 tsp mustard

handful of lamb's lettuce melange

1 tomato

1 boiled egg

2 small slices of ham or 1 large

1 slice of cheese

1/4 cucumber

Preparation method

Bake the Keto bread according to the instructions on the package in the bread maker or convection oven. Let the bread cool for at least 45 minutes. Then cut 3 slices of the bread.

Bring a pan of water to the boil. Add the egg to the boiling water and cook for about 6 to 8 minutes (6 minutes for a soft egg, 8 minutes for a hard egg).

Meanwhile, clean the vegetables and cut the tomato and cucumber into slices. Spread the mayonnaise and mustard on two slices of bread.

Place a slice and put the cheese, some lamb's lettuce and cucumber on it. Now place a cut with mayo and mustard on top.

Then top this slice with ham, tomato, lettuce and the boiled egg. Finally, cover with the last slice of mayonnaise and mustard. Serve your sandwich healthy with a toothpick and enjoy!

Nutritional values

Serving Size: 1 Healthy Sandwich

Calories: 563

Fats: 37

Carbohydrates: 8.5

Protein: 43.7

Preparation time: 10

Cooking time: 8

Total time: 18

Servings: 1 healthy sandwich

Category: Lunch, Breakfast

Cuisine: Dutch

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