Holy Moly! This healthy chocolate mousse with avocado is not a punishment during the bikini body challenge or any other diet! I think it's so sweet that Dylan is also actively participating in the challenge (that's how I keep it up better), that I just want to give something back to him.

I know he's not a fan of avocado, but wrapped in this healthy chocolate mousse, he really couldn't say no to this one! And he loved it too! Did you know that regular chocolate consumption is actually very healthy?

Tip! If you don't have a can of coconut milk at home, you can of course also use any other (vegetable) milk (tip: for keto use almond milk and add some extra melted coconut oil, for example). Just keep in mind that your healthy chocolate mousse can then turn out a bit 'thinner'. But that doesn't mean it's any less tasty!


1 avocado,

1 large banana

* handful of blueberries

200 ml 'creamy' coconut milk (from a can)

30 grams (raw) cocoa powder

maybe a few drops of stevia.

Top it with pomegranate seed

Additional: blender or a high bowl with an immersion blender.


Cut the avocado in half, along the pit, and twist the two halves apart. Remove the pit, score a checkered pattern on the flesh and spoon the flesh out of the skin. Peel the banana and break it into coarse pieces. Wash the blueberries and drain.

Place all ingredients in the blender (or high bowl and use a stick blender) and mix everything well until you have a firm mousse. Spoon the healthy chocolate mousse into a bowl and garnish with some extra blueberries and nuts or seeds, if desired.

Be careful not to eat your spoon with it!

Nutritional values

Serving size: 1 glass (1/2)

Calories: 226

Fat: 16.6

Carbs: 4.3

Fiber: 8.5

Protein: 9.6

Prep time: 240

Total time: 240

Servings: 2 glasses

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