5th Body Type and What This has to Do with Lose or Not Losing Weight.

The 5th body type what is the 5th body type? Well you have the adrenal which is high levels of cortisol that's a stress hormone you give, the thyroid body type which is low levels of the thyroid hormone t4 or t3 that gives an overall weight gain in the entire body. the Adrenal type is more of a stacking belly, then we have the ovary type that's like a pear shape it's everywhere around the hips the thighs the lower but that is high levels of estrogen, then we have the liver type which is more of a protruding basketball belly that is liver damage and then you're going to have low growth hormone and what's the fifth!

The pancreas type

high insulin it's insulin resistance now this is what's confusing a lot of people are a mixed body type and they have various symptoms, but there's a much easier way to figure out your primary body type, but more than that the primary cause of your body type,  the trigger for example the body shape for the adrenal can look identical to the pancreas body shape but, because from two different things this is stress triggered let's say you had surgery ,you had trauma, you had an accident, you had a divorce, you had years of being in a very stressful situation and then you got fat because of high cortisol that could be the trigger for your adrenal body type.

Or let's say you ate a lot of sugar or refined carbs and ate a lot of frequent meals that could also give the same adrenal body type appearance sagging belly weight in the midsection so, just by looking at the outside of the body you can't really tell what's causing the problem it could it be:

Stress related, it could be food related

The Liver Body Type

So let's take the liver of body type what could cause that fatty liver cirrhosis inflammation of the liver like hepatitis which could come from a virus, to come from being an alcoholic but you can also have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which comes from insulin, so this can give you this body shape.

The Ovary body type

This usually comes from environmental estrogen like the chemicals and the GMO foods the pesticide the insecticides herbicides it could come from birth control pills or something in the environment that mimics estrogen, that then gives you this shape.

The adrenal body type

Which is high levels of cortisol that's a stress hormone you give, the thyroid body type which is low levels of the thyroid hormone t4 or t3 that gives an overall weight gain in the entire body. the Adrenal type is more of a stacking belly

The Thyroid body type 

The thyroid body type which is waking all over but this is usually secondary to high levels of estrogen which can then lower them thyroid or you can have liver damage and then the thyroid can't convert t4 to t3so it could come primarily from the liver and cause the thyroid issue

How to take your measurements

Maybe you immediately recognized your body type in this list of categories, maybe you didn’t.

If you want a little help, you can always take your measurements and use those figures to help guide you.

Your measurements can also be helpful for general clothes shopping, regardless of the “type” they might fall into.

Here’s how to accurately take your measurements:


You’re going to need some help for this one. Have a friend or someone else you trust measure across your back from the edge of one shoulder to the other.


Place one end of the tape measure on the fullest part of your bust, then wrap it around yourself. Make sure to go under your armpits and around your shoulder blades.


Circle your natural waistline — the area above your belly button but below your rib cage — with the measuring tape like it’s a belt.

If you want an easy way to make sure you’re measuring the right spot, bend slightly to the side. You’ll likely see a small crease form — that’s your natural waistline.


Hold one end of the measuring tape on the front of one of your hips, then wrap the measuring tape around yourself. Make sure you go over the largest part of your buttocks.

So, really the question is when did you start becoming this certain shape and have these certain symptoms and what happened just before that event and that's going to tell you like the more important thing that goes beyond the body types of the trigger so you can undo it was it a stressful situation was it a surgery was it a divorce whatever was it a sugar situation in which case you're gonna you know, fix the diet get the basics in was it some chemical environment and called endocrine disruptors that you need to start consuming a lot more calciferous to clean that up.

Or was it alcohol in which case you have to stop drinking alcohol was it a certain medication, let's say you're on steroids there I have a page and what to do if you've been on steroids how did it reverse that damage or was it coming from a virus can destroy the liver it could also mess with the thyroid, so you really want to think beyond just the body types.

Now cortisol estrogen and insulin are the three fat making hormones they're dominating hormones in the presence of any one of these you're going to nullify in block all the fat burning hormones, one of the fat burning hormones would be t-43 that's the thyroid hormone another big one would be human growth hormone, so if these are too high these will be suppressed so that's why the thyroid and the adrenal are usually secondary to these other ones does that make sense because these are dominating now out of these three, this one insulin is the most dominating so in reality this would probably be the most common body type, but you can also look like this you could look like this, and you can even look like that because of the influence of insulin on these other glands, so in summary just isolate when your problem started with your body shape.

These other symptoms and try to find out what triggered it was it stress was it diet was it something in environment with alcohol was their medication was there an infection and that will give you the clue to reverse and undo your specific body type.

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